Data Analytics & Reporting

Forecast Solutions provides advanced and in depth data analytics and reporting for our clients. We manage all Google Analytics as well as our own proprietary reporting software to ensure accurate and verified data. Marketers for companies of all sizes rely on marketing data analysis to drive decision-making, forecast outcomes, evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, identify market opportunities and potential new audiences, and much more. But marketing data analysis can easily be overwhelming, and not only because of the massive volume of data that most companies have to work with but also because there are seemingly endless tools, techniques, methodologies, and best practices that can be applied to marketing data analysis. Let us sort through the mess and show you the path to large returns.

The Quality and Accuracy of your data is key! That’s why we check it multiple times.

“Over half (55%) of the marketers we surveyed believe that the quality or accuracy of available data is critical to driving marketing decisions, but only 36% said they were extremely satisfied with the quality of their data. Meanwhile, early movers are already deriving actionable insights from their data and your competitors could be among them. This is low-hanging fruit in the grand scheme of things and needs to be addressed.” – Steve McNicholas, Five data

Don’t fall in love with fancy charts. They should be the exception, not the rule. Knowing how the data is going to be presented will help your analysts avoid wasting precious computational time making fancy charts and graphs if you only need the information for internal use.

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